Top South Korean Films

Top South Korean Films
korean filmsGet some pop corn, it's Korean drama! Sit back on a comfortable sofa because we are about to tell you the top 10 South Korean films, according to Gail Kavanagh and published in Listverse.
The popularity of South Korean films has rapidly grown in the past few years. Since they have their own peculiarities, they offer a nice alternative to western films. South Korean cinema produces films in all genres: romance, suspense, comedy and fantasy.
If you are looking for a change from western films, you can find the must-watch South Korean films below:
The first one is titled “Musa”. In 2001, when Seong-Soo Kim directed this epic film, it was the most expensive movie ever made in the country. The story of the film revolves around the kidnapping of a Ming princess and how she grows through her experiences from a spoilt royal into a commanding woman. This character is played by Hidden Dragon star Zhang Ziyi.
“Old Boy” is an exciting film with an original plot. The main character - Oh Dai-Su - is imprisoned for 15 years in a hotel room by someone he doesn't know and for something he can't remember. Suddenly, Dae-Su is inexplicably released. The film is based on a Japanese manga and it is highly entertaining and surprising.
“The Chaser” tells the story of Joong-Ho who changes his respectable profession as a detective to become a pimp. The plot thickens when he starts facing financial ruin because his prostitutes start disappearing mysteriously. Since the police doesn't seem to do anything about it, Joong-Ho makes use of his former skills to uncover what happened to the girls. What he find is horrific and will revolt anyone, yet the film has been widely acclaimed.
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