Top Korean Dramas

Top Korean Dramas
tv in koreaYou've probably heard about the South Korean dramas, their incredibly good-looking actors, their twisted plots and their heart-aching scenes. Most of these love stories have a tragic ending, and they will probably make you cry, but you will keep wanting more because they are beautifully produced.
The stories usually revolve around a couple that can't be together due to external circumstances that involve family conflicts, terminal diseases and the wrong-doings of the other people involved in the love triangle. There's is a high dosage of drama!
We offer you a selection of the best recent Korean dramas according to Megan Soh's blog.
The first one is a paranormal romance titled “Who are you?”. The story is about a woman who is able to see spirits and a man who only believes in solid evidence. There is a love triangle between ghosts and humans in this TV show.
Another TV show is called “Good Doctor” which is a medical drama. One of the main characters was a victim of domestic violence at a very young age. Due to his development disorder that is a type of autism, he especialises in education at a care centre, where they find out that he is a savant. The other main character is a girl who is a pediatric surgeon with a strong sense of duty. Then there is another character who is a cold-hearted perfectionist. His fiancé is the daughter of the foundation's director and proves her worthy by being smart and assertive.
“Her Legend” tells the story of two women who switched fates and a man who has everything. The love story is between Eun Jung Soo - who works her way up in luxury industry - and Do Jin Hoo - a smart and handsome man who is the heir of the greatest fashion group. During the show, Eun has to hide her true identity to make her dreams come true.
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