South Korea’s Wackiest Events


Whether you feel like slathering someone in mud, jumping off a cliff or dancing the night away, there are opportunities galore to get your freak on in South Korea.
Are you ready for a mud-fight? Then head to the Boryeong Mud Festival. Launched when the city of Boryeong became reputed for its natural mud-based cosmetics - particularly facial masks - the festival is a fun, let's admit it, wacky outdoor activity at the time revelers benefit from the effects of a spa session. During the festival, numerous swimsuit-clad tourists get involved in a slippery Korean wrestling match or sloppy mudslides.
Or are you looking to get dazzled? There's a festival for everyone in Korea and one of the most beautiful ones is Seoul Lantern festival. During the festival, hundreds of lanterns with unique design and story are lir on Cheonggyecheon Stream.
Film lovers can't miss Puchon International Film Festival, the second largest cinema event in South Korea which has grown into a hot regional festival for cult favorites.
For those who are passionate about film but can't live without music, they don't have to go far. There's a random festival that unites these two elements: Jecheon International Music Film Festival. Located by Cheongpung Lake, a seasonal getaway hot spot, the event is not only about musical films but also about bungee humping over the lake. There are also live concerts taking place all over the venue, raging from stage performances by major K-Pop stars to street traditional Korean percussion gigs. The lineup is varied and it includes Bollywood musical films, documentaries about African drummers or famous rockers, among others.
They say that Korea turns anything into a festival, so they even celebrate the snow season and this is the case: Taebaek's mountain range covered in white snow may be one of the most stunning landscapes in the country and to celebrate the snowfall, Taebaek hosts a snow festival every winter for 10 days.
The event opens with musical performances and there's a snow sculpting contest for university art students. If you attend, you'll have the chance to take part in a national climbing contest, a snowman contest and Okung sled riding. The place will look like a winter wonderland with giant sculptures adorning the designated area. There will also be driving and sledding courses, including a course for dog sled rides.
Another festival that has to do more with fortune is Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival on Jeju Island. The event is meant to burn away misfortune and attract luck. A prayer ritual for a good harvest opens the festival and throughout the day, there are folk performances, a tug-of-war for “Great Unity”, a “lighting of the sacred fire”, a “moon house” building competition, a volcanic eruption show, a stone lifting demonstration (deumdol-deulgi), congratulatory performances from international exchange cities, fireworks and a laser show. Even if you don't get good luck from attending this festival, a good time is guaranteed.

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