Male Korean Actors in Hollywood

Male Korean Actors in Hollywood
John ChoThey have it all it takes to succeed in Hollywood. They are good-looking, they are talented, they have nice bodies, they can play characters in drama, action, and comedy shows and they drive the ladies crazy. They are male Korean actors that should get more screen time in Hollywood for the industry's sake.
As the Korean phenomenon keeps growing, it is not just k-pop idols who are making it in the international markets. South Korean actors, with their good looks and dramatic skills - are also attracting the eyes of foreign producers.
These actors have their devoted fans and could really have a good impact in Hollywood movies. Here is a list of South Koreans who would make the big screen look good.
Korean-born American actor, Steven Yeun has become worldwide famous with his role of Glenn Rhee in the AMC television series The Walking Dead, as part of the main cast. However, before Yeun has also starred in an independent film, a couple of shorts and guest-starred in American TV show The Big Bang Theory. His charisma has won him countless both male and female fans at an international level.
John Cho is a Korean-American actor and musician who has starred as Harold Lee in the comedy films Harold & Kumar and played the character John, MILF Guy No. 2 who made fashionabe the term “MILF” in the American Pie films. Undeniably, he has made many people laugh with his funny performances and would be an asset to any comedy movie.
Other notable actors we would like to see more in the big screen are two actors who played in Fast & Furious, which are Sung Kang and Rick Yune, Tim Kang who starred in The Mentalist, Lee Byung Hun from G.I. Joe, And Julien Kang - High Kick Through the Roof.
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