K-Pop idols with eccentric personalities


When somebody describes a person as 4D in Korea it means that they are eccentric, wacky and even deranged. However, far from being an insult, it's actually a compliment to their original and strong personality. The best example of this is the K-Pop industry as there are many 4D stars, but far from scaring fans away, it just make them love their idols more. k pop idols with eccentric personalities
Here's a list of the wackiest K-Pop idols out there:
1) 2NE1's Bom: The girl band might be known for its crazy and energetic girls, but it is Bom the one that stands out for her 4D personality, hands down. And fans love her for it. Her passion for corn and random outbursts has made her one of the most entertaining Korean singers.
“On the outside, I may seem happy a lot. But I'm human, and it's not possible to be happy all the time.”
“My voice! And my style, my looks, Park Bom herself is an original!”
- Park Bom
2) Big Bang's Top: The boy might be known for his charming eyes and heart-warming eyes, but sometimes it's his wacky personality what stands out the most. His love for toys and crazy hats doesn't seem normal to anyone, not even to Bom who thinks he is from another planet.
“No matter what anyone says, passion never lies.” “I'm trying to become a person who I've been imagining as my hero since I was very little.” “To being Big Bang is I don't think being Big Bang has a definition yet. It's something that's unfinished.”
3) T-ara's Hyomin: Known as the Folding Screen, Hyomin has such a peculiar sense of humour that makes everyone laugh at her wacky jokes. Everyone loves her for her “I-don't-care” attitude and silly dances.
4) Super Junior's Yesung: Even though Yesung is professional, charming and serious while he is on stage, the minute he is not performing he is already showing his strange personality. Indeed, with a tortoise as a pet and extravagant dances, Yesung proves to be completely our of the ordinary.
5) Beast's Hyunseung: Without a doubt, there are many K-pop stars who stand out for their wacky personalities, but what makes Beast's leader special is he seems to live in his own world. Once and again, he says things that only him seem to understand, but that's what makes him loved by everyone.
6) FT Island's Seunghyun: He might have been the band's cute little one, but today Seunghyun is the member that keeps FT Island on their toes with his strange dances and squeals.
7) U-Kiss' Kiseop: He might have fooled us all in the beginning by looking shy and quiet, but now he has proven that he is just the opposite. The best part is that he doesn't care about his image.
8) 2AM's Jo Kwon: this is the a case where 4D reaches its pinnacle. Jo Kwon's eccentricities reach such level that he even got his own name for it: kkap. His specialty is turning charming and even sexy dances into pure entertainment. Not only his facial expressions but everything he says is highly peculiar.

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