Japan and South Korea Top Tweets

Japan and South Korea Top Tweets Per Second For New Year
korea new yearAs individuals report their daily activities on real time through social media, the networking service Twitter monitored a greeting-stimulating event at a global scale such as New Year's Eve. As clocks struck midnight in different time zones across the planet, Twitter compiled the results in an explicit infographic that shows the top five tweet sources.
Tokyo –Japan- and Seoul –South Korea- scored the highest Tweets per second rating during the braking of the 2013 New Year, representing the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) +9 time zone. The countries reached a total of 33,388 tweets per second. These areas were followed by New York –USA- and Bogotá –Colombia- (UTC -5), tweeting 13,336 tweets per second.
At third place is another Asian time zone, Bangkok and Jakarta for UTC +7 with 11,675 tweets per second. In fourth place is UTC itself, with London and Lisbon reaching 9,455 message. The last sport in the top five is held by the last time zone, Los Angeles and Vancouver at UTC -8 with 7,137 New Year greetings.
The data gathered by Twitter verifies the result of a report carried out by French research group Semiocast in June 2012. The study listed the top countries and top cities based on the number of Twitter accounts. U.S. is at the top while the runner-up are Japan in the third place, U.K. at fourth, Indonesia at fifth place. As to the cities, Jakarta takes the top spot followed by Tokyo at second.
Japan is particularly significant as it set a record for the number of tweets per second on December 2011 during the 13th airing of Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky animated movie. Twitters users in Japan tweeted 11,349 tweets per second during the scene in which main characters Pazy and Sheeta say the spell word “balse” at the climax of the film.
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