Descendants of the Sun: Korean drama in India


Song Joong Ki

Like the rest of most of the world, Television viewers in India are majorly exposed to content from American and British TV shows. The only platform that offers material other than British and American to viewers in India is Zindagi, the number 1 Premium Entertainment Channel.

With a selection of the best shows worldwide, Zindagi offers viewers a glimpse into new cultural settings while broadcasting universal emotions.
Zindagi has launched shows from Turkey and Ukraine before, but recently it has taken a new step and introduced the blockbuster South Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” for the first time on Indian television. The touching drama tells the love story of Special Force Officer (Song Joong Ki) and a surgeon (Song Hye Kyo) whose fates intermingle.
The TV show was not only a blockbuster hit in South Korea but it also took Asia by storm, garnering immense popularity and top-ratings across the continent.
The selection of actors had already paved the way for the finite series to succeed. The Korean heartthrob Song Joong Ki, who plays the role of a Special Force Officer, is considered to be one of Korea's hottest actors with a huge fan following across South East Asia. His choice seems ideal as the actor served in the Korean Military for two years before bagging the role in the show.
Although Song Joong Ki was already popular in the country, the show catapulted his fame making him one of the highest paid South Korean actors.
“Descendants of the Sun” is the story of Special Force Officer and a surgeon who fall in love at first sight. Despite their instant congeniality, they are taken aback by their contrasting ideologies and values (one kills to protect lives and the other saves lives).
Destiny unites them again after almost a year of separation whey they meet at a war zone “Uruk”, a land far from Seoul. The new circumstances force them to work closely together.
The story will tell if their love will blossom in a strange land and an extreme environment. The audience is yet to find out if they will be able fight or succumb to destiny.
Some of the sweetest quotes from Descendants of the Sun include:
“I hope you don't think my kiss is bad. I did it after thinking a thousand times.”
“You are already beautiful.” (Yoo Si-jin speaks to Kang Mo-yeon, who is reluctant to make eye contact because she is not wearing any make-up).
“You have so many men to worry about. Just worry about me from now on.”
“Regarding the kiss, what should I do? Should I apologize for that? Should I confess my feelings to you?”
“Yes... you know, I have (been bewitched by something).” (When Kang Mo-yeon and Yoo Si-jin look at the wrecked ship, Kang asks him: “Have you ever been bewitched by something?”)
“Because it is far away... I want to spend more time with you.” (When Yoo Si-jin and Kang Mo-yeon got to a beach, Kang says to Yoo: “Didn't you say the beach is far from here?”)


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